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sedge n : grasslike or rushlike plant growing in wet places having solid stems, narrow grasslike leaves and spikelets of inconspicuous flowers

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Etymology 1

Old English secg, from Germanic. Cognate with dialectal German Saher ‘reeds’.


  1. Any plant of the genus Carex, perennial, endogenous herbs, often growing in dense tufts in marshy places. They have triangular jointless stems, a spiked inflorescence, and long grasslike leaves which are usually rough on the margins and midrib. There are several hundred species.
Derived terms
any plant of the genus Carex
  • Finnish: sara
  • French: laîche
  • German: Riedgras , Schilfgras
  • Hungarian: sás
  • Italian: sala
  • Persian: ‏(درخت) سدر
  • Spanish: carrizo

Etymology 2

Variant spellings.


  1. obsolete spelling of siege
  2. alternative spelling of segge

Extensive Definition

A sedge is any one of the many plants in the sedge family, Cyperaceae.
Sedge may also mean:*Sedge, an informal name for sweet flag (Acorus calamus), a marshland plant
  • Sedge, an informal name for yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus), a marshland plant
  • Sedge, Sedge mire, or poor fen: a bed of sedges or similar plants, usually growing in damp ground or shallow water.
  • Sedges or sedge-flies, an alternative name for the caddisflies (Trichoptera), a group of small moth-like insects with aquatic larvae
  • Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus), a small bird found in dense waterside vegetation in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Sedge Wren (Cistothorus platensis), a small wetland species of bird found in North and South America
  • Sedge Island, an island in the Falklands archipelago
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